Secondary 5

Writing of the Week


Writing of the Week


Topic 1:If you have any fictional character as a best friend, who would you choose? Why? What would that be like?


Topic 2: What is your opinion about the welfare system?


Topic 3: Do you think it’s better for students to have a long summer break or be in a year-round school system with more breaks throughout the year? Explain your position.


Topic 4: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Children should begin learning a foreign language as soon as they start school. Use specific reasons and examples to support your position.




Secondary 4

Writing of the week


-Is too much emphasis placed on grades in our educational system? Explain your opinion.


-Each year, many teenagers run away from home. What do you think are the main causes? Explain your opinion.


-Explain the main reasons why you think students drop out of high school. Explain your opinion.

Due: October 18

Christmas tale

Once upon a time, Hazel, a seven year old girl from Finland didn’t believe in the magic of Christmas and was always grumpy on Christmas day. Her parents warned her about Krampus, a demon-like creature that follows Santa Claus around and punishes the naughty kids who were bad with their parents. Last year, she didn’t get the Christmas presents that she had hoped for, that’s why she stopped believing in Santa. Her parents asked her what she wanted for Christmas. She replied that she wanted a little sister, but her parents said that it was impossible. Hazel got really mad and pushed the Christmas tree on the floor, broke all the ornaments and packed her pink suitcase.  She didn’t want to celebrate with her family so she fled in the forest until the party is over. It was cold and dark outside and the sound of her shoes on the icy snow made her feel like someone was following her.

During that time, Santa Claus was flying in front of the moon with his reindeers when suddenly, he ran out of magic powder so he lost control of the sleight and crashed in the forest.  The gifts were spilled everywhere on the snow and all the panicked reindeers ran away leaving Santa Claus alone with the broken sleight. He started walking to find help and he heard somebody crying. He stopped there and looked around trying to follow the cries. He finally finds a little girl with a small suitcase under a pine tree.

Hazel looked up and saw a fat man dressed all in red.

-Why are you here all alone? Says Santa.

-I ran away from my house because I hate Christmas, especially Santa Claus.

-Well I am Santa Claus! I was about to deliver gifts to your house, but I crashed.

-I don’t believe you. You’re just an imposter!

-Follow me, I’ll show you the truth.

-NO WAY! Leave me alone! You’re just a big fat phony guy!

-Come with me, I have a special gift for you!

Hazel follows the guy and when they arrive at the sleigh, he gives her a heavy box. She unwraps it. Inside, she finds a Jack-in-the-box, so she turns the crank. Suddenly, the music becomes evil and satanic and a horrible creature pops out of the box.


The monster grabs Hazel and put her inside a big bag.


«You’re the first one out of ten bad kids I need to catch tonight. I need you kids to be my evil elves! »


«No freaking way! » Yells Santa.

The fat guy starts blowing in his magic flute and ten seconds later, all his reindeers are back to the rescue. BOOM! BAM! The animals kicked Krampus’ butt to free the little girl. Hazel was panicked so she jumped in Santa’s arms. While they were hugging, a cloud of magic powder appeared around them, so Krampus disappeared in the mist of the night.

Since that night, Hazel has always been a good girl and she will believe in the magic of Christmas for the rest of her life.

The end!

Click here to find who Krampus is! :

Alex, Anne-Sophie, Jonathan, Alice and Miss Marie-Claude

A new cool invention

You’re about to read texts written by secondary two students. They had to invent something that could change people’s life.

House work machine helper

You never have time to do your homework, to cook, to go to school… Maybe someone will do it for you or you could buy the house work machine helper. Developped by me and patented last month, it’s perfect for you if you don’t want to move. Imagine the time that you will save if you buy it.

Even if you are a couch potato, the machine can cook, do your homework and go to school at your place. So, if you need more time to play video games or to sleep, buy it now. Maybe you think that it’s over the top, wacky or far-fetched but no, everybody is satisfied and they call to have another one. If you buy one now, you will have one month to return it. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, I will personally refund your money or try to find a way to make sure you are satisfied.

For only $19,95, you will have this original invention and the gift of your choice. You can choose between 50%  off or a second machine to give to a friend. But wait, if you call now at 888-777-6666, you will pay $9,95 and you will have two machines and a free gift. Available also at Canadian Tire, Rona, BMR and on Ebay.

Albert Einstein said a day, ­ »Necessity is the mother of all invention ». He was right because you don’t always have time to do your homework or you don’t know how to do it, but there will be no problems if you own this device.

Written by Alexandre Henry, 2B


The geekgum

Like Einstein said, «Necessity is the mother of all inventions». It’s true, because all the inventions we use every day were created because of a necessity. Many inventions are created to improve our lifes, like cars, microwaves, electricity… But, we need to create original and practical inventions, like the new Geekgum!

This new gum was created to help people who have difficulty at school, and it’s offered in many flavors : understand new subjects easily, succeed at exams, know all the answers while during homeworks. So, you can be a genius all the time, only if you have a lot of money, because the Geekgum is very expensive : 100$ by gum! It costs an arm and a leg, because you mustn’t overuse it. It’s only for emergencies.

You will think it’s disgusting : The Geekgum is created from nevrons of monkeys because they are very intelligent. But to improve the taste, aritificial flavors are added : cherry, banana, strawberry, grape, bubble gum, etc. so if you really want to be a genius, you just have to don’t forget how this gum is made.

Finally, all the people like to chew gum, but during school,you can’t do this. Only if it’s the new Geekgum! So shake a leg, and go buy this revolutionary invention.

Written by Justine Coulombe, 2C

Audio virtual haircut experience

The link below is a virtual haircut. The only thing you have to do is plug your headphones in and listen. It’s a simple way to practise your English and at the same time, you can learn how your ears are related to your brain. The guy is only talking, but by the way it’s made, you can easily hear the man moving in the room. » target= »_blank »>

Are you ready for a challenge?

Dear students, I hope you’re ready to learn new things about the English language. No matter how well you speak,read or write in English now, there’s always room for improvement! Effort, motivation and interest are the key to your success. I wish you an enriching year with me. You will find on my page extra information to help you and also some interesting articles, texts and links posted by other students. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect and the only difference between possible and impossible is 2 letters! Bye!  Ms. Marie-Claude.

Here is a list of idiomatic expressions and their definitions !

It’s Greek to me !

  • I don’t understand.

Wow! It’s raining cats and dogs out there!

  • Very hard rain

I will clean my room when pigs fly.

  • Never

This assignment is a piece of cake.

  • Very easy

I’m feeling sick as a dog !

  • Very sick

Rise and shine!

  • Wake up and be happy

I could play outside till the cows come home.

  • For a very long time

No, I was just pulling your leg.

  • Just joking

I tinted the windows of my car first and then you had to do it, so stop being a copycat.

  • Someone who does what another does or copies their work

My son should be out looking for work, but he is such a couch potato and only wants to play video games while eating junk food.

  • Someone who is lazy. They may sit on a couch, eat a lot, and watch television.